Boating and Canoeing

The Potomac River

The Potomac River : Zero miles from Hancock.
For boating, canoeing, rafting, tubing or fishing, it's a wonderful resource that's getting better and better. Get great access to the Potomac at the Hancock public boat ramp.

Little Pool and Big Pool in Fort Frederick State Park

Little Pool and Big Pool in Fort Frederick State Park : 6 -14 miles from Hancock
Both Little Pool and Big Pool are wide water sections of the C&O Canal. A boat ramp is avaliable at Big Pool where boats and canoes may be rented. (Only 14 miles from Hancock.) Little Pool is between Hancock and Big Pool (just six miles from Hancock), where there is parking lot access off of I-70. Bring your boats and fishing tackle, but leave your gas powered engines at home.

Licking Creek

Licking Creek : 7 miles from Hancock
For small stream boating and canoeing, There is a boat ramp on Licking Creek at Camp Harding County Park. this creek joins the Potomac River.

Sideling Hill Creek

Sideling Hill Creek : 12 miles from Hancock
This creek is part of Sideling Hill Wildlife Management Area. Check the Sideling Hill Public Lands link for information about Sideling Hill Creek. This creek joins the Potomac River.

Blair Valley Lake

Blair Valley Lake : 20 miles from Hancock.
Is part of the Indian Springs Wildlife Management Area.

Rocky Gap State Forest

Rocky Gap State Park : 31 miles from Hancock